What's Different About the LiquidPlanner Cloud-based Project Management System?

What's Different About the LiquidPlanner Cloud-based Project Management System?

What's Different about LiquidPlanner?

LiquidPlanner is based on the belief that teams work best when they organize tasks by priority, make best/worst case estimates, and collaborate in one central location. LiquidPlanner is a project management solution for the entire organization and any project management style, whether it’s agile, waterfall or both at the same time.

LiquidPlanner gives teams never-before-seen insight into the relative probability of completing tasks, projects, and portfolios by given dates. Using ranged estimates and a groundbreaking scheduling engine, LiquidPlanner provides drastically better forecasting and analysis capabilities. A central project environment and collaborative/social features complete the package.

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Key Features:

Time tracking:
Track time across projects, tasks and portfolios. Set timers to record as you go or jot down hours on recently completed work. Full timesheet workflow built-in for managers and team members.

All conversations in LiquidPlanner are connected to tasks so everything has context. Follow the tasks that you care about most or filter the comment stream down to your biggest project.

Visiblity and insight:
Your project workspace holds a wealth of business intelligence. Use Dashboards & Reports to enhance your visibility into your entire project portfolio. Answer your CEO’s questions before they’re asked. Make more informed business decisions.

Integrate with the tools you already use. Liquid Planner supports a host of integrations from Salesforce to Dropbox to Zapier. The RESTful API allows you to connect many additional services to our application.

Use on any device:
Manage a portfolio of IT projects from your office, home and the palm of your hand - anywhere, anytime. Available online, on iOS and Android.

Share any file:
You can upload and easily share virtually any type of file in your LiquidPlanner workspace. Photos, documents and PDFs are attached to plan items, meaning less time scouring through email to find missing files.

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Why LiquidPlanner?

LiquidPlanner has key differentiators that make us a strong option for people looking for a better way to manage projects. There are many project management applications on the market, but none that offer the scheduling innovations LiquidPlanner does. LiquidPlanner is ideal for teams who want the scheduling capabilities of sophisticated project software but need a simple, easy-to-use tool that everyone can access. LiquidPlanner is the only dynamic tool that uses ranged estimates, provides predictive finish dates and lets priorities drive a schedule that automatically updates in real time. In short, LiquidPlanner is the most realistic and reliable PM tool on the market.

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